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We are driven toward:

  • The goal of zero defects and 100% on time delivery
  • Offering our customer a full spectrum of value-added services

We continually improve our performance, creating value for our customers through lower costs, improved quality and delivery, with increased flexibility.

We achieve this mission with our own innovative techniques, utilizing proven technology coupled with employees empowered to find solutions.


ASI Inc. will provide world class customer service and the highest quality products using innovative solutions, flexibility and responsiveness by maximizing the utilization of our equipment. We strive for continuous improvement by reviewing our objectives and communicating results throughout the organization. We will comply with all requirements from our customers and both statutory and regulatory requirements.

This policy is understood within our organization and results of all reviews are communicated throughout our organization.


  • Maintain customer satisfaction, at goal; 99.6%
  • Maintain product defects at less than; 99.7%
  • Maintain on-time delivery; 99%


We understand our clients' needs related to delivery, costs and the leading-edge application objectives of their products, and we know there is one constant, change, which is why our on-time delivery goal provides our customer the reliability they need in changing technology, economic and competitive environments.